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To channelize all efforts for socio-culture and economic development of the society with enhanced focus on the marginalized and downtrodden section and work tirelessly for preservation of India’s rich natural and cultural heritage.


To effectively contribute and work towards creation and development of a well educated, cultured, healthy, wealthy and value based noble society, thriving on the three classical epitomes of Indian culture


To effectively contribute to the society in the areas of Education, Helath, Art & Culture, Social Welfare and Environment. In course of it’s activities, the organization would resort to tactical usage of audio-visual aids.

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Gramin Vikash Mission has been working in India for over 03  years, focusing on alleviating poverty and social exclusion. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response. We also focus on generating and sharing knowledge with diverse stakeholders to influence sustainable impact at scale. Our overall goal is the empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalised communities, leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.


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Our Approach

We focuses on developing the potential of women and girls to drive long lasting equitable changes. We strategically emphasize on promoting quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities and disaster relief and preparedness. Our efforts are focused to fight against underlying causes of poverty and ensuring a life of dignity for all women and girls from the most marginalised and vulnerable communities, especially among Dalits and Adivasis.

Our key programming approaches include social analysis and action, gender transformative change, building secure and resilient communities, promoting inclusive governance, advocacy on national and international platforms and facilitating links and dialogues between public, private and civil society.